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Contact us on our Whatsapp number 348 76 33 077

You will receive the updated menu immediately


The main restaurant is located in the largest dining room on the ground floor of the farmhouse and benefits from a stunning patio which gives our guests the opportunity to enjoy a superb meal outdoor during the spring and summer season.


It is one of the most pleasurable places to dine as it offers the real and original taste of Tuscan food accompanied by the genuine hospitality of our staff. Simplicity and authenticity are the key of our state of art modern kitchen. Wherever you come from, our dedicated staff will always try to make you feel as if you were dining at home.

The a-la-carte menu was proudly created by our chef Nicola Pieri with the idea of using only locally-sourced ingredients some of which are passionately grown in our farm land such as olive oil, fruits and herbs. This with the aim of giving our guests the unique fresh taste of different Italian dishes.


We would also be delighted to host and cater your private event such as ceremonies and celebrations providing you
with a bespoke service which will be planned and agreed in advance.

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